"A Guy's Best Friend" Program

Helping Save Our Furry Friends in Need

A Portion of Every Sale Goes to Helping Dog Rescue Charities

So we all know that a dog is a guy's best friend.  At Regular Guy Tees we also think a great T-Shirt is a guy's other best friend. 

Since any true regular guy helps his friends out, a portion of every sale goes to helping dog rescue charities throughout the country.  That's why we're the T-Shirt for Dog Guys (and Girls!). 

Rescue Success Stories

This is Tiny.  Tiny is not so tiny.  He's an 80lb pure-bred American-bulldog with a big head and a bigger heart. 

Tiny had a great life for a couple of years but unfortunately his person died suddenly and he was left to a family member.  3 days later, that family member promptly brought him straight to a kill shelter in South Florida as a stray (we only know the details because a friend of the family recognized him and shared his story).

Well, Tiny found himself days away from the needle when we were alerted to his situation on social media.  Through the help of a local rescue we were able to get him pulled and transported to New England.

Tiny now lives the life of luxury as the only dog with a retired couple in Massachusetts who had just recently lost their dog suddenly.  The coolest thing? Their dog passed the same day we got Tiny pulled from the rescue in Florida.  Some things are just meant to be.

Tiny the Dog

This is Gracie.  Although it may not look like it, she's really not that grumpy.  She's a boxer mix with a great personality and an even better appetite.

Gracie was found as a 2 week old puppy in a cardboard box at a construction site with her 4 brothers and sisters.  A box at a construction site?  Really?  Who does that?

Anyway, Gracie was rescued from a shelter and in an epic foster fail, now resides at one of the Regular Guy founder's house as a part of the family.

There are millions of dogs like Gracie all over this country.

At Regular Guy Tees we're trying to do our best to unite dogs with their future Regular Guys (and Girls) through our "A Guy's Best Friend" Program...and like Bartles and Jaymes said "We thank you for your support".

Do you have a rescue success story of your own that you would like to share? Shoot us an email with a pic and the story of how you got together with your best canine friend and we'll post it!

Buy a Dog Toy!

All net proceeds from this item go directly to the nonprofits we support!

Regular Guy 7
Regular Guy 7

Regular Guy 7" Dog Safe Flying Disc


So if a dog is a guy's best friend, and a great tee is a guy's other best friend...what's a dog's best friend?  A flying disc of course!  This dog (and child) safe flying disc is molded from soft, durable polyethylene and is FDA Compliant Safe for food contact.


Best of all, 100% of the net proceeds from this item go directly to our "A Guy's Best Friend" program to be used as a donation to dog rescue charities across the country.